FRUZI is a tasty mix of natural fruits, vegetables and berries without adding of any sugar or water. Moreover, in order to keep all their best, we packed FRUZI mixes in Tetra Classic pack.

Fruzi is made specially for little superheroes. It can come in handy when kids need a quick energy boost after school or during sports. Fruzi Pyramid has fun, unique shape and it’s easy to squeeze, easy to drink from, easy to consume it on-the-go.

Kids are pointing to “interesting somethings” on the shelf, dads are parking their kids by Fruzi show box to get kids occupied and moms are finally succeeding at changing forbidden chocolates to the healthier and desired Fruzi.

But not all people know that from Fruzi we can get very tasty fruit ice lollies. Children fall in love with it as soon once they try this amazing taste. And mothers approve it.

+ Ideal for home consumption

+ Fun and easy to prepare at home

+ No added sugar

+ No artificials

How to make Fruzi ice lolly:

• put Fruzi to the freezer overnight

• cut off the tip of the Fruzi pyramid

• pressing the bottom of the package, gradually squeeze Fruzi up

• enjoy the delicious, natural and refreshing frozen Fruzi

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